Teas and Coffees

Our beans come from Glasgow-based roaster dear green and we offer the popular goosedubs as our house blend. from time to time, we also stock signature blends and single estate roasts as we continue to explore new horizons. ground to order and brewed with the care and attention they deserve, we make sure each cup is fresh and full of flavour.
We carry a wide range of "regular", herbal and caffeine-free teas, all lovingly served in individual pots or pots to share. for the slightly more seasoned connoisseur, we also stock a range of loose-leaf, speciality teas.
Hot chocolate
Our signature hot chocolate uses the finest locally-sourced, organic, and vegan ingredients and comes in three delicious flavours: milk, white and seasonal specials.

All hot drinks may have dairy milk substituted for soy milk on request.